Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Public Art????; New Projects

This redefines Fiber Art. I was sent this by a friend on a list I read. It captured my imagination. I wonder if the Charlotte Knitting Guild could use this to jump start a publicity campaign. Just a thought.

Noro Iro. I'm designing a sideways vest using this yarn. This is one part of a single skein which I knit in various st patterns to determine what I wanted to use. I chose the Knit 3 rows, Purl 1 row pattern to get a vertical stripe and a vertical texture. I added a border of seed st at the bottom. Because the color repeats tend to segregate the dark colors and the bright colors, I am using two balls at a time. This is a better look for me. I'm also forcing the colors I want near my face and trying to keep some darker ones under the armhole. Any slimming trick I can try!!! I'll post progress picture later.

hhobama sold me the yarn above to make a Sidna Farley Ribwarmer. The back will be the solid Malabrigo worsted named Geranium; sides and front are in the Kureyon. She promises mixing the yarns will receive rave reviews. I'm pleased that the Kureyon contains a few colors I never wear; nice to get a bit outside my rut.

The original EZ ribwarmer pattern and Sidna's are a bit too boxy for me, so my challenge is to figure a way to add some curves. More when I am underway.

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